Hello all! Hopefully you guys have seen my crossword in the Weston Beach Race 2021 Programme – and swiftly deduced that there are no Down clues in there! There was apparently an issue with printing, so here are the whole clues for this puzzle. I’ll post the answers in a few days, I hope you enjoy the MotoXword!


1 & 3 & 5: Legendary French MX star who won all over the world on dirt before moving to tarmac. (4,6,5)

8: The 85cc racing class for younger, or shorter, riders. (5-5)

10: Richard, Warwickshire rider who made an ill-fated attempt at the Dakar Rally in 2019. (4)

11: This American racer became a freestyle legend in his 30s and was simply known as “Mad…” (4,5)

13: Famous Italian Motorsport venue that recently re-opened its doors to top level Motocross. (5)

16: The previous Weston Beach Race winner and new AMCA MX1 Champion. (6,6)

18: World Trials venue in Yorkshire. Nothing to do with Pete! (4)

19: Ryan, South-African born racer who won three times here at Weston. (4)

20: The big factory squad that wears orange. Serious players in MX, Enduro, and even MotoGP. (3,4,3)

22: Dutch road-race venue that saw its home team win their first MX of Nations two years ago. (5)

23: Leading importers for and title sponsors of our four-wheeled racing here at Weston. (9)

25: Mr Wilkinson, former British Sidecarcross champion. (5)

27: Engine component that increases the output over a wider rpm range. (5,5)

29 & 30: Legendary mechanic and father of one of Britain’s best ever, a former winner on this beach! (5,6)

31: Don’t get stuck in one, but you’ll see a LOT of these all over the circuit this weekend! (4)


1: Belgian MXGP veteran who races the new factory Fantic machine this year. (6,3,8)

2: Chief forms of ID for a rider out on the track. (6,6)

3: Monsieur Potisek, most recent winner of that other big beach race in France. (5)

4: The Godfather of Freestyle, Mr Knievel. (4)

6: Manufacturer whose colours have changed from yellow or white to blue. (7)

7: The Scottish capital’s Speedway team. (9,8)

9: Son of a famous racer who won here when boss of 20 Across. (4)

12: Securely fastened down, or what a rider might be if he gets stuck in the sand! (7)

14: National-level Motocross circuit near Exeter. (6,6)

15: A substitute liquid for engines to run on that aren’t made using petroleum. (7)

17: The person we have to thank for being here this weekend, and for trying this puzzle! (3)

21: Massive off-road event held near the Californian border in Mexico. (4)

22: American brothers Mike & Jeff, national level American racers with a pushy father. (6)

24: Derek, promising young talent racing in the USA, nothing to do with the rapper. (5)

26: Newcastle native and Extreme Enduro star who made his Weston debut in 2019. (4)

28: Motocross racing for bikes, and often riders, above a certain age. (3)

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